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Alberta One Call

Prior to any ground disturbance CLICK BEFORE YOU DIG


Leak Detection

Annual leak detection is being currently conducted in our franchise area.  Contract vehicles will be clearly marked and all efforts will be made to contact you prior to entering your property.

Thank you for your continued cooperation with the leak detection program.


Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Celebrated 50 Years!

We encourage you to take a few moments and view the Co-op video  


Federation Achievement Award

The Federation Achievement Award was created to recognize deserving students across rural Alberta.  Four $1,000. awards are handed out at the Federation Annual General Meeting, with a preference given to students entering Oil & Gas related studies.

For a copy of the application form CLICK HERE


Foothills Natural Gas Co-op Ltd.  Achievement Award

The Foothills Natural Gas Co-op Ltd. Achievement Award was established to support students who have demonstrated a commitment to entering post secondary education.  Awards in the amount of $500 each will be given out annually to deserving students upon successful selection for this award.

For a copy of the application form CLICK HERE


To provide our membership with progressive Co-operative advantages.



To be rural Alberta’s premier Co-operative.


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