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The following steps will ensure that you are on the scheduled construction list for all new installations:

  1. A contract and utility right of way (URW) will need to be signed by the land owner (s).
  2. Payment of the installation is required at time of application for service.
  3. An on site meeting indicating the meter location and pipeline routing will be scheduled.
  4. A copy of the Gas Permit Application must be submitted to our office along with a signed Service Completion Notification prior to the meter being connected.

The current contract pricing for natural gas installation to one building, is as follows:

RURAL:      $ 7250.00             URBAN:      $ 4500.00

(Plus applicable G.S.T. and $ 1.00 Co-op Membership fee). Please contact the office for Commercial and Non Profit pricing.



Once the construction portion of your natural gas installation has been completed and you are ready for your service to be connected, please fill out the Service Completion Notification and return to our office along with a copy of the permit. We would ask that you provide two working days notice for meter connection.


Foothills Natural Gas Co-op is a registered member of Alberta One-Call.  Please place your request a minimum of two business days before starting your project to ensure the proper time allotment for your request.

Call 1-800-242-3447

Alberta One Call

Foothills Natural Gas does not accept locate requests unless they are directed through Alberta One-Call. Any party that damages Gas Co-op facilities will be held financially and legally responsible.  There is no charge for this service, so please remember to dig responsibly


Foothills Natural Gas Co-op is committed to providing safe, environmentally responsible and reliable service as a natural gas distributor. We are dedicated to monitoring the condition of the distribution system, including detection, maintenance and repair of natural gas leaks, through detailed surveying documentation.  Regular inspections of the distribution system are an integral part of our operating and maintenance program and are necessary to monitor system integrity and ensure public safety.

Every year, your Co-op employs a third party to determine any leaks in our distribution system.  Low and high pressure natural gas lines are walked manually with the aid of leak detection and surveying equipment.  This type of maintenance will identify any leaks, ensure accurately surveyed asbuilt maps, identify pipeline class locations, and make certain pipelines are designed properly and cathodic protection is intact.

All third party contractors have signs on their vehicles and carry identification verifying their reason for being on your property.  If you require further information or have any concerns, please contact our office.

Foothills Natural Gas Co-op offers a $100.00 reward for any reported significant underground leaks that are confirmed by our office.



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